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Posted on: April 7, 2009 1:43 pm

Part 8 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Sorry to all my loyal readers, it's been far too long.

If you don't already know my company terminated my job and the job of 7 other older ee's last week. Got 2 weeks left here. But, they somehow are opening 2 "new" positions with the one being a clone of my job now with some duties of the other group mixed in. The other position is a manager position who is supposed to help out the other guy. the funny thing is i have no backup and have run things alone for the past 5 and 1/2 yrs. the other group has 7 PEOPLE! I can't cover their jobs and mine. no one understands why they fired me just to have my job with some tweaks in it opened again. baffling.

my severance is 7 wks and i will file for unemployment soon. first time ever for that. not happy right now. the firm said they are reconstructuring the Records Management Department. That's fine, but did all of us with over 80+ of total experience need to be fired?? you can't find some young yahoo off the street that can do what we can for what we make.

ah so unc won! if mich st would've won, i would've won second and third place in my work pool. but since unc won and another pool had them i win $90. if mich st would've hit a 3 at the end instead of a 2, i would've won $600. i had the last 2 numbers for each school. damn!

i think wake forest should be banned from the ncaa tournament forever. you lost to cleveland state! not the cleveland cavaliers and lebron james. terrible. i had that whole bracket wrong since #12 zona was an upset over #5 utah and cleveland state over #4 wf. plus i had ohio st over siena and bc over usc. that was 5 or 6 picks wrong right there. the fact that i had 2 pools in the money at work is amazing. pool 4 was well out of it till mich st went to the finals.

i like upsets and all but the wake forest game still bothers me. cleveland st ! pu!

so my world champion phils open the new season with a clunker. nice job phils. opening night. world series banner waving around and you make derek lowe look like walter johnson out there. im going tonight. it's going to be burr cold and very windy with wind chills at - 20. so the game time temp should be around 40. great. thank god the tix was free. going tomorrow too. a nice toasty afternoon game. and the team gets their ws rings. can't wait for that.

i have a 17 game plan with a friend. due to me losing my job, i wanna sell the red sox and mets games. plus their drunken fans come down on school buses like 2 yrs ago and are as drunk as skunks. i would be too if i had to ride a bus for 6 hrs. they outnumber the phils fans 10-1 in the OF seats. and they always cause fights. i hope we sell them. i may need the $$ soon if i cant find a job.

im utterly stunned that that buffoon roger goodell wants a 18 game 2 bye week schedule. talk about idiotic. this guy has half of his players in jail or worse and he wants them on the field for more games..? great. so now they can be crippled by the time they're 40, instead of 50 or 55. this is all about tv exposure, seat tix costs, and more money for the NFL. greedy savages! guys cant finish a season now due to injury ! why add 2 more games!

ah the NHL playoffs start in 2 weeks. nothing like a game 5 or 7 heading into triple OT baby at 1 am on a saturday night. no other sports event like it ! too many good teams in the east this yr for my flyers to make a run. maybe final 4, but that's it. i think they lose 1 rd earlier.

nba hoops - cleveland, boston, ahd the lakers all look great ! lebron for mvp !!!

tv shows--nip/tuck sucked. damages was crazy but okay. LOST is fantastic but for the first time in 5 yrs, i have no clue what the hell is going on there. Baffled and LOST (no pun intended). survivor is great and many shocks, blindsides and a injury still to happen with 10 people to go ! i don't watch dancing with the stars or american idol. way too silly. although i was bummed about the last episode of ER. no george clooney or anything special like when on st. elsewhere from the 80s when some austic kid dreamed the whole show. just very routine on ER. kind of bummed.

nothing good on netflix in months. saw MILK. Penn was great, movie was ok. the problem is Penn is mimicking someone who was already real so all he did was mimic his personality, speech, charactiristics and mannerisms etc. whereas tom hanks had to create forest gump from scratch. big difference. waiting to see the wrestler next week on netflix.

wrestlemania 25 was on sunday. didnt pay to see it. just saw the recaps last night. funny as hell. wrestler should win oscars bc they truly are the best in the business. and they now have a hall of fame too. stone cold steve austin got in the hall saturday night. he hated his tux and drank beer onstage and poured it all over hte tux. i was shocked to see most of the wwe wrestlers at the hall ceremonies. austin gave a beer to john cena who was shocked. i like cena. no tattoos. wrestles in sneakers and jeans. an all-american kid.

i say bring back KURT ANGLE FROM THE ECW and the goofy shaped octagon ring. hahahah. angle was great.

the NFL Draft is 2 weeks away. i still dont know why chicago gave up 2 first rd draft picks and a 3rd for jay cutler. he has a ton of potential but those picks are only worht 2 qbs in the league in a trade-peyton manning and tom brady. jay cutler has not earned that kind of deal. i guess since chicago cant draft anyways they figured why bother wasting them. lets trade them for a qb. too bad they don't have any good wrs to help cutler out.

denver is screwed! they wont use the picks correctly and draft busts! thats what you get for having a 32 yr coach ! he should be coaching High School, not the NFL! the gm is no prize either. his last good draft pick was rod smith and terrell davis 11 yrs ago. haha.

hoping the eagles use their 2 picks on a rb and te or trade up for a stud linemen like the rumors say. if not fire reid ! and trade mcnabb to chicago for more picks and cutler !!

nothing like TO going to buffalo and then getting the home MNF game. unreal.

ah what else...being terminated with a solid job like mine only shows that companies, the US and this world we live doesn't care about anyone anymore! now i know why people go postal ! people can't take being kick in the gut or ass time and time again. people are fed up. me included. 13 million people in the us out of work. unreal.

well that's all for now gents and gals. see you next time. and i promise it won't be as long of a wait.

the catfish from south philly us of a!

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