Tag:Inside the Mind of the Catfish Part II
Posted on: November 19, 2008 9:44 am

Part II

Well, it's freezing cold and the winds are whipping around Philly today. This weather is the normal weather for January and February, not November. I had to break out the scarf and gloves 2 months earlier. That's not a good sign when you walk 7 blocks up and back to the subway everyday.

For those who never rode a subway before, let me brief you on it. It's crowded, smelly, dirty and too many people on there are trying to have a conversation about nothing. That's why I bought an IPod 3 yrs ago. I couldn't take the endless chatter about Blanche's and Maggie's kids anymore. The same kids who are 25, living at home and not paying rent. Look ladies, talk about your kids privately. Half the subway doesn't want to hear about them. Here's a hint - they're losers ! Move the hell out !

Although Philly has done a great job cleaning and rebuilding all of the subway stops. The one that they didn't fix is the one I get off and on too everyday - City Hall. Wow, what a pit of scum and dirtyness. That and the homeless hang out there too. They sleep on the vents because of the steam. The cops chase them off at 7am ! Nice job Philly PD.

My one biggest complaint about the subway besides the filth are SLOW WALKERS! You know people who are walking like a snail in front of you like they and you have nowhere to do. It's like people GET OUT OF MY WAY ! We're in a tight corridor. Move to the right. It should be like the highway or PA Turnpike...slow drivers stay to the far right. Medium drivers stay in the middle and Speegy Gonzalez and for those wishing to pass, stay to the left. The rule in Pa is only pass on the far left lane. When I used to trek to my sisters in Lancaster, Pa, I used to ride the left lane almost the whole way up there. If someone wanted to pass me doing 80, I got over, let them pass and then got right back in the lane behind them. The City Hall corridors should be the same way. If you walk slow or want to play Tetris on your cell phone-fine. Get the hell out of the way and move over to the right ! Ugh.

I recently saw the remake of the movie Hairspray on HBO. Let me tell you something..both Brittany Snow and Amanda Bynes are hot ! Snow has that All-American look with her white skin and blonde hair. Bynes has that fake tan, that wants to tie you up and do dirty things to you look. Both are hot ! Too bad Nikki Blonsky is a big girl. She played the role of the fat girl who wanted to get on the tv show perfectly. Unfortunately, TV and movies don't have roles for a 19 yr girl who is very overweight. That and her and her Dad got into trouble on some island a few months ago. Real nice. Celebs and trouble are like Rum and Coke !

Playboy has sucked this whole year. The big Christmas Issue was a bigger let down then my own Christmas' from 1983-1988 ! Terrible ! And they are bringing back Carmen Electra again for a spread next month. Not a fan of Electra aka Tera Patrick (her real name). Ugh. She, Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy should be banned from every appearing in Playboy again. Pam Anderson is in it at least once a year. Electra appears once every 2 yrs and McCarthy comes back once every 4 or 5 yrs. It's like they couldn't find a hack B or C actress to appear and get topless or naked. Unreal. And when will Hef pay someone like Brittany Snow or Amanda Bynes some coin to appear? The magazine could use a young hot face in it.. This month was 48 yr old ex-model Carol Alt. She looked good, but at 48, it's like "is that the best they could find?" Where's Jennifer Aniston, or Jennifer Connally when you need them to appear ?

Other than that, bubkus on the porn world. I have no good sights or internet info on anything. Everything is spammed or block or filled with so many virus' it makes Carmen Electra look like Mother Theresa. Sorry, but she's more infested than that monkey from the movie "Outbreak." Once Prince had her, she was done ! haha.

#2 Texas Tech vs #5 Oklahoma this weekend in College Football. My money is on Oklahoma. Tech has never been this highly ranked ever and I think the balloon and their Cinderella season will end on Saturday night. Sorry Tech fans, but when you are good once every 50 yrs, you get little respect from me. If you win Saturday, I will apologize to the Red Raider Nation and cheer for you.

Unfortunately, I am a suckhone ND fan. My Christmas wish is for ND to buy out Charlie Weis. The guy had enough time to turn it around and he hasn't. Bad losses to Pitt, UNC and BC convinced me they made a mistake in extending his contract for 10 yrs ! Look at Nick Saban...2 yrs and a #1 ranking with a Bama team that was terrible. Great coaches get the most out of his players. Weis doesn't. His own players ever said they were tired of his yelling at them 2 weeks ago. See ya Chuckles. Don't let the door hit you in the Tuna.

Face it, the guy is a offensive coordinator, not a college coach. When you are a veteran college coach like Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer, Jim Tressell or Bob Stoops, you know how to coach the college game. You know your opponents tendencies. Weis doesn't have that knowledge! He can recruit is fish tail off, but can't coach a lick. Sorry my ND brethren. I've been a fan since 1987. I've seen a ton of losses that the team and program simply shouldn't have ! Time for a change !

Ah, what else...I feel like going outside and getting a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from my favorite vendor. The thing is ... it's freaking cold outside. So either I eat or wait for lunch to eat. Hmm...tough call. Since being a little fat works for Jerry Ferrera and nabbing Jamie-Lynn Sigler, I think I will go outside and get that sandwich. Maybe some hot ee will be waiting for me in my office when I come back. I highly doubt it. There will probably be 5 case files waiting for me and 3 contracts to proof read and scan. Ugh my life.

Until later on today or tomororow - this is the Catfish !

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