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Posted on: January 5, 2009 12:46 pm
Edited on: January 5, 2009 12:58 pm

Part 5 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Happy New Yr everyone ! 2009 is here and i got tons to say...

first all - too much turkey, partying and booze this holiday. i feel like my blood is Miller Lite. I need detox asap. that and a nap ! i actually need to lose some weight this spring, so no booze for me for a while. burp. im fat ! not obese fat but fat enough to lose some weight and get back to my svelty self.

bowl games - they all stunk ! blowout here and blowout there. another one tonight as texas walks over thee ohio st university.

not sure why florida is a 3 pt favorite over oklahoma when OU scored 60 pts against 5 straight teams! my money is on OU.

ND finally won a bowl game. sure it was the toilet bowl, i mean, the hawaii bowl, but it's better than nothing. now if only they can score like that against real teams, then i would be happy. actually i want weis out of there. urban meyer said 2 weeks ago that ND is still he dream job. if he wins ANOTHER NATIONAL TITLE this week, i think meyer will be bored at UF and come down to South Bend to turn the Irish around.

baseball free agency ... the phils let burrell go and brought in a guy 3 yrs older and is the same age as me ! yes i am a old fart. thankfully he hit .293 23 110 last yr in that grand canyon of a park. the phils also resigned 48 yr old jamie moyer for $14 mil. i mean really, how much more money does this guy need? i know his wife had their 5th kid this yr but come on jamie. $14 mil. it's like charlie sheed said in walls street "how many yachts can you water ski behind, Gordon? How much is enough?"  jamie - how much is enough?

apparently the new york yankees never know when enough is bc they went out and dumped all their former big league winter signings for a whole new batch of future stiffs and big league signings. here's my prediction - aj burnett is hurt and out for the yr by the all-star break. cc wins 17 games but hates NY. he will be out of there in 3 yrs and 50 pounds heavier. face it hank or cashmen - $ doesn't buy championships - chemistry does. look at my phils as proof.

the rays will repeat as al east champs ! david price is a starter now. look out for this kid ! im glad the phils beat him as a temporary closer.

ah, the nfl playoffs. my boy peyton wins another MVP and then goes out and takes a dump in the first rd. nice. same old colts. how does a 8-8 team beat you with LT on the bench? darren sproles? ugh. the colts should've had a player hide a syringe of knock out gas in their uniform and when they tackled sproles inject him with it like they did in the MASH movie when they played football at the end to get the ringer out of the game. "i'm the broadjump, coach."

didn't see the cards upsetting the falcons. so much for matt ryan and michael turner. damn ! my fantasy pools are all in the toilet now. $60 bucks down the drain.

how bad is miami ? the 11-5 Pats don't get into the playoffs and the dolphins lay a egg at home no less vs the ravens (nevermore). i guess chad pennington is really chad pennington. he still got the shaft by the J E T S JETS JETS JETS. haha. how's brett favre treating you?

i loved seeing favre struggle this yr. he brought it on himself. couldve went out with class like elway. instead he went out like namath and unitas on bad teams that were not their hall of fame teams. hey brett - that chip on your should is now cracked and tarnished forever pal. enjoy  your last game with 3 ints. NOW RETIRE !

could baltimore ride their defense to another super bowl ? i hope not. seeing trent dilfer with a ring is one thing. seeing joe flacco get one is another.

how about them cowboys ? haha! they brought their disaster on themselves too. what a bunch of babies and ego maniacs. i was there in philly seeing the eagles kick their tails in 44-7 or whatever the blowout was. TO - nice knowing ya. romo - at least you're banging jessica simpson. if you were smart, you would video tape her naked and sell it to the web for gazillions since you suck as a qb !

E A G L E S - EAGLES ! wahoo. now go beat those giants and eli  "elmer fudd" manning.

ah what else ... the nba. ah screw the nba. everyone travels and no one plays defense. jordan at 40+ could still play !!

the movie award shows are coming out soon. since im a movie buff, i am going with the comeback story of the yr - mickey rourke to beat out crusty old clint "get off my lawn" eastwood and sean "awesome, totally awesome" penn for an OSCAR ! yes an OSCAR ! heath ledger will win an OSCAR too posthumously (sp). from what i heard the wrestler is amazing !! i will see it soon when it's released nationally.

no good movies on netflix in months. still waiting for hancock and tropic thunder !!

**** thank god the new tv shows are coming on this week. damages and nip/tuck on fox. LOST in 3 weeks ! i can't wait.

i was so sad to see the great vic mackey turn rat and then get screwed too. it's still better than the sopranos ending. i wish ronnie would've yelled out to vic as he was being arrested "i will get you for this." i think corinne made a bad move. how can she survive without vic in her life ?? not as great as i would've hoped. still an awesome show. i miss it already.

the guy who played johnny cakes on the sopranos committed suicide last week in real life. i guess things went downhill for the guy after the sopranos ended and his role was a gay cook. bummer.

survivor - gabon ! wow. is corinne the biggest c**t-bag wh##e on the planet or what ?? she told sugar to grow up and take meds to stop crying over your dead father. im 37 and already lost both parents by the time i was 21. if i was there on that show i wouldve sucker punched her the moment she said it and then say over her body as she lays on the ground "when you lose a parent, come see me you f___ing hag !" people have no idea what loss is until they bury their parents. my best friend died when i was 19 so i lost 3 people in a 6 yr span. she said her brother loves her and accepts her for being a bi**h. really ? your brother loves you for being an a-hole 24-7. understanding brother.

how does randy get duped by a fake idol (no problem there) then yells at bob for calling him a snake but STILL GIVES HIM HIS MILLION DOLLAR VOTE ??? WHY! out of sheer spite i wouldnt do it. bob played him as a fool on national tv and he gives him the winning deciding vote. why? if you played me for a fool - you wouldnt get a handshake from me ! randy even said i hate the 3 final members and to kiss his butt. ok - why did you give a winning vote to the 1 guy who played you as a fool, your nemesis bob. that's like luke skywalker not voting out darth vadar on survivor star wars bc he cut off his hand. unreal.

sugar is so dumb, but looked smoking hot on the finale. she said she couldn't beat matty or bob at the final so she still takes bob. i think she had a 40-60 chance vs matty even though the jury said it wouldve been 9-1 in the votes for matty. again, bob plays everyone and still gets a million dollars. i need to get on that show to PUT SOME FREAKING REASON INTO THESE PEOPLE !!!! unreal.

my company announce no raises till oct 1 instead of april 1 and maybe none at all if the company doesnt do well in the first 2 qtrs of 09. a world wide multi billion dollar firm hurting for coin. i dont buy it. we have 3rd rate IT and computers and now they cry money woes bc everyone else is. please. they were going to take away their 401 k match too but didn't. whoopee. at least i am still employed. i could be at home getting fatter. and lord knows i don't need that.

obama in the white house. im not a politics guy. the guy won so he's our prez now. hopefully the guy can turn our nation around asap. the old usa is not the usa of old. it's falling bh other nations in many areas. it's time to get back on top of the mountain !

been raining a ton in philly. that makes for long cold walks to the subway. burr. looking forward to any signs of spring. still no snow - yippee.

i got 13th row seats for the phillies when they get their rings ! can't wait for that.

got club box seats as a xmas gift to see the flyers this saturday. im taking my very rich Doctor brother for his 41st b-day. I hope he springs for beers. I just got my cat neutered and paid the rent on my apt so i am LOW ON FUNDS!

i was hoping more people read my blog. i guess the only person who thinks im funny is ME ! oh well. damn the man and save the empire !

be back next week...

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