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Posted on: December 1, 2008 4:04 pm

Part 4 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Thanksgiving is over. Thankfully I didn't gorge on too much Turkey or Stuffing. I only had 1 plate this year and a small desert. I pigged out last year.

So Andy Reid benches McNabb down by 3 in one week and then lets him stay on the field up by 20 in another. Brilliant. I would've loved to see what Reid would say if McNabb would've gotten hurt when he was still in there during mop-up time? I hope they lose out and get a decent draft pick. It isn't a great draft, but the Eagles don't need to keep winning games here. If by some miracle they got into the playoffs, they would be out in the first round. I don't want that either.

Speaking of playoffs...have you seen who is leading some of their divisions?

The Titans and G-Men are in the playoffs. The Vikings, Bucs, Cardinals, Jets, Steelers and Broncos are all leading their divisions. Ugh. I haven't seen anything that ugly since the girl I was with on my 20th birthday at a keg party at college. Ugh.

Speaking of ugly - how about my Notre Dame boys, huh ? 60 yrds of total offense. Yeah, Charlie Weis is a genius alright. He's a genius of how to take ND's alumni money ! They should pay this clown in buffet tickets to Sizzler, not in cash. He has to go ! And I hope Dayne Crist can play next yr as a redshirt freshman. Clausen with or without an o-line is terrible. He looks scared back there and makes poor decision after poor decision. the Irish should be 9-3. instead, they are 6-6 and going to either the texas bowl or hawaii bowl. either way it's the toilet bowl to me !

went to the pocono mtns this weekend to see my brother's new mtn house that was just completed. now he's a doctor and partner at the hospital he works at. i know he made good money, but after seeing this house and his new renovated basement in his huge home in pennsylvania, he's got sick money. he put in a huge bar and a full size shuffle board table in his basement ! unreal ! his mtn house has a 50 foot high ceiling in the main room with 2 large triangular shaped windows overlooking a small lake. awesome. it rained, sleeted and poured yesterday. the ride back with him stunk. it was awful.

work today stinks. my boss is out all week on vacation which is nice, but it's slow today. so slow, i needed a nap at 9:30 am and didn't get one !

except for 2 gifts, i am already done my xmas shopping already. i don't like crowded malls anymore. so i do everything online. quick, easy, painless and no crowds or pushing at the mail. it's nice. i highly recommend it.

my fav show the shield ended last week. the finale was ok. not great and certainly not as bad as the sopranos mess. i do wish they would make a tv movie or have another season of the shield. i miss it already. thank god LOST, nip/tuck, and damages will be all new this january.

survivor - i am rooting for sugar, matty and creepy kenny. i loved when randy played a fake idol and they all laughed at him. haha - jerk. now it's 4-2 in alliances. the 4 better vote out one of the 2. it never happens and 2 people in the majority someone get convinced by the other 2 to vote out one of their own. it always happens. if i was one of the 4, i would tell the 2 people from the tribe, "one of you two is going home tonight-period!" don't try to butter us up and play mind games. if one wins immunity - the other is gone. if neither win immunity - we 4 will decide who goes. again, they will get all blinded and vote out one of their own.  i still want an alligator to eat jeff probst ! haha.

army-navy tailgate on saturday since i live 4 blocks away. it will be 39 degrees so it will be a chilly tailgate but well worth it. i have nothig better to do !

i read some company in illinois gave out bonuses for xmas already. it was a check based on the amount of service time you had with the company. one guy took home a check for $33,000. are you kidding me. if i got that check, i could pay off my creditcards, student loan and put down a ton of money on a house ! a married couple took home checks for 21,000 and 30,000 respectively. wow. i wish i worked there. i think they sold the company and they used some of the money made in the sale to pay off the bonuses. i don't get anything from my boss let alone the company. some admins here (im not an admin) get between $250-800) from the people they work for. i wish i got $10 bucks. i get zilch, nada, goose egg, bubkus. and these people are getting checks for $30 g's. ugh.

that's about all i got. more post this week !

asta !

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