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Posted on: November 19, 2008 12:22 am

Inside the Mind of the Catfish Part I

Gotta love our own pro QB Donovan McNabb who didn't know the rules of the NFL overtime. He even went further and said "I wondered what the NFL does when there's a tie in the Playoffs or Super Bowl."

Brilliant. This guy not only embarrassed himself, his team and his teammates with this comment. Where were the Eagles representatives? Where was his agent? Call Jerry Maguire STAT! Unreal. I know I read some of his teammates didn't know the rule either. Well then, they are all in the same boat to me - overpaid, uneducated athletes who don't even know the rules of their own sport. This is why a ticket to their game cost $90.00 per seat for the lower bowl of the Linc. Owners want to pay huge, ridiculous amounts of money to grown men to play a sport. What do they get in return ... ? "I didn't know a game could end in a tie!" Great investment there. Now I wished I would've played college football. Maybe I could play for ties too for $5 mil a year.

I would love to see his Wonderlic score.

McNabb, you get my vote for the next Mayor of Philadelphia.

Speaking of the Mayor of Philadelphia...I read Mayor Nutter is cutting back on snow removal this year and that he won't send the plows out to the streets unless there is 8 inches of snow on the ground. Eight inches. How did he come up with that total? Did the accurate Philly Meterologist give him that number. Ha! They couldn't predict the winner of a 1 horse race at the remodel Philly Park Race Track in lovely Bensalem, Pa, let alone the weather.

One guy, John Bolaris, messed up so badly after he called for a 10 inch snow storm that sent every old lady running to the store for milk, bread, eggs, the National Inquirer and the last issue of  Cosmo. Then  when NO SNOW CAME, they called for him to be fired. And since he was the ONLY WEATHER MAN to call for that storm. He was fired. That's Philly for ya! He moved to Florida. I guess he likes punishment because our local Fox channel hired him back. Take my advice John - don't gamble on the snow in Philly. Now that Mayor Nutter won't plow the neighborhood streets with anything under 8 inches of snow - you don't want to send the old folks in a panic again. Unless you want them to move with you to Florida-permanently.

I saw Ryan Howard lost the NL MVP Award by 61 votes. So nice to see that power numbers in baseball mean absolutely zilched ! Thanks to Philly hate - Rob Neyer (he predicted  the Rays in 5 over the Phils) and that "Moneyball" crapola every other stat is more important. It's like HOF 2B Joe Morgan once said "don't give me fancy numbers on a sheet of paper...if you want to really and trully scout talent - get off you butt, get in your car and go out and scout talent in person and see the player for yourself. Don't base his performance or his draft status on some piece of paper or on some on base %. By September 9th, Pujols and the Cardinals were done ! The Phils were 4 games back. Without Howard, the Phils don't make the playoffs. They don't win the NL East, and don't win the World Series.

That ex-Philly native and now ESPN sellout Jason Stark had the gall to say "image St. Louis without Pujols." They finished in 4th you pompous clown. Image Howard not on the Phillies in SEPTEMBER ALONE ! Enough said. Thanks for voting for Pujols, Stark. You proved any idiot with press credentials can get on the board to vote for the Baseball Awards. Tell me again how did Lou Pinnella and his bought team won the NL Manager of the Yr Award. That's okay, as the great goalie Patrick Roy once said "I can't hear you, I have 2 Stanley Cup Rings in my ears. Manual has the NL East and World Series rings in his ears to drown out all the nonsense outside of Philly.

Back to Howard, I got side tracked - this guy led the MAJOR LEAGUES in HRS AND RBIS by a decent margin over anyone else. What thanks do he get...a 61 pt defeat in the NL MVP voting.

At least that was a closer race than the Presidential Race. That thing was over at noon. Barrack Obama told his press secretary to wake him up from his 4 hour nap when McCain close the gap to a million votes. Haha. I felt bad for John McCain. But think of it this way John, when things go bad for Obama and they will not because of him personally, but because the country is a mess; you can smile because it's not your mess now to fix.

Speaking of Obama...did you read that kid being kicked on the U of Texas football team for reposting a message someone sent him on his myspace or facebook page ? The kid didn't even say the uncalled for comment, joke, false threat or whatever you want to call it. Mack Brown kicked that kid off the team anyways. Now I'm not saying what the kid did was right. It wasn't. It was stupid, but to lose your college education over it and scholarship when the only thing you did was repost the comment on a internet page is really freaking harsh man! It's not like the kid sent Antranx to Washington or made a real threat to President Elect Obama. He reposted a stupid non-threatening bad joke on his own internet page. If that was a crime,then how the hell is Chris Cooley still playing in the NFL. That clown was half naked when a picture of his lower half made it on the internet. Thanks Chris. Next time warn us the movie will be rated R. Wow.

I turned 37 yesterday. Only 3 out of my 7 siblings even remembered to call me. Real nice. If I could move to a Southern Climate and be away from them and this Philly weather for the rest of my natural life. I would be on I-95 South tomorrow. Unfortunately the job market is terrible and I am not taking a job at McDonalds to live in Florida away from my family. Oh well. Perhaps I won't buy them any Christmas gifts (yes, I am Catholic) as my weapon of revolt for them not remembering me on my birthday. Hmm. I am a vengeful fellow. I may be onto something there.

Finally, the second to last episode ever of the Shield was on tonight. It was good, but I didn't like what I saw for next weeks show finale. Michael Chiklis, who also produces the show, that it won't end like the Sopranos (don't get me started on that) with some blank screen b.s. His legendary character either lives, dies or goes to jail. Wow. He won an Emmy for the first season of the show. He hasn't been nominated since. How I have no idea.

Entourage...it got better after a slow start. I read on the NY Post (like that's a real paper) that Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is seeing Jamie-Lynn Sigler in real life and as well as fictionally on the show. If that is even remotely true...then I got a shot with her ! Jamie-Lynn is smoking hot and Ferrera is simply NOT ! How is the world is this possible ? Ugh. Normally I cheer for the fat guys, but not in this case.

Well, that is all for my first blog entry. Come back soon for Part II.




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