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Part 8 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Sorry to all my loyal readers, it's been far too long.

If you don't already know my company terminated my job and the job of 7 other older ee's last week. Got 2 weeks left here. But, they somehow are opening 2 "new" positions with the one being a clone of my job now with some duties of the other group mixed in. The other position is a manager position who is supposed to help out the other guy. the funny thing is i have no backup and have run things alone for the past 5 and 1/2 yrs. the other group has 7 PEOPLE! I can't cover their jobs and mine. no one understands why they fired me just to have my job with some tweaks in it opened again. baffling.

my severance is 7 wks and i will file for unemployment soon. first time ever for that. not happy right now. the firm said they are reconstructuring the Records Management Department. That's fine, but did all of us with over 80+ of total experience need to be fired?? you can't find some young yahoo off the street that can do what we can for what we make.

ah so unc won! if mich st would've won, i would've won second and third place in my work pool. but since unc won and another pool had them i win $90. if mich st would've hit a 3 at the end instead of a 2, i would've won $600. i had the last 2 numbers for each school. damn!

i think wake forest should be banned from the ncaa tournament forever. you lost to cleveland state! not the cleveland cavaliers and lebron james. terrible. i had that whole bracket wrong since #12 zona was an upset over #5 utah and cleveland state over #4 wf. plus i had ohio st over siena and bc over usc. that was 5 or 6 picks wrong right there. the fact that i had 2 pools in the money at work is amazing. pool 4 was well out of it till mich st went to the finals.

i like upsets and all but the wake forest game still bothers me. cleveland st ! pu!

so my world champion phils open the new season with a clunker. nice job phils. opening night. world series banner waving around and you make derek lowe look like walter johnson out there. im going tonight. it's going to be burr cold and very windy with wind chills at - 20. so the game time temp should be around 40. great. thank god the tix was free. going tomorrow too. a nice toasty afternoon game. and the team gets their ws rings. can't wait for that.

i have a 17 game plan with a friend. due to me losing my job, i wanna sell the red sox and mets games. plus their drunken fans come down on school buses like 2 yrs ago and are as drunk as skunks. i would be too if i had to ride a bus for 6 hrs. they outnumber the phils fans 10-1 in the OF seats. and they always cause fights. i hope we sell them. i may need the $$ soon if i cant find a job.

im utterly stunned that that buffoon roger goodell wants a 18 game 2 bye week schedule. talk about idiotic. this guy has half of his players in jail or worse and he wants them on the field for more games..? great. so now they can be crippled by the time they're 40, instead of 50 or 55. this is all about tv exposure, seat tix costs, and more money for the NFL. greedy savages! guys cant finish a season now due to injury ! why add 2 more games!

ah the NHL playoffs start in 2 weeks. nothing like a game 5 or 7 heading into triple OT baby at 1 am on a saturday night. no other sports event like it ! too many good teams in the east this yr for my flyers to make a run. maybe final 4, but that's it. i think they lose 1 rd earlier.

nba hoops - cleveland, boston, ahd the lakers all look great ! lebron for mvp !!!

tv shows--nip/tuck sucked. damages was crazy but okay. LOST is fantastic but for the first time in 5 yrs, i have no clue what the hell is going on there. Baffled and LOST (no pun intended). survivor is great and many shocks, blindsides and a injury still to happen with 10 people to go ! i don't watch dancing with the stars or american idol. way too silly. although i was bummed about the last episode of ER. no george clooney or anything special like when on st. elsewhere from the 80s when some austic kid dreamed the whole show. just very routine on ER. kind of bummed.

nothing good on netflix in months. saw MILK. Penn was great, movie was ok. the problem is Penn is mimicking someone who was already real so all he did was mimic his personality, speech, charactiristics and mannerisms etc. whereas tom hanks had to create forest gump from scratch. big difference. waiting to see the wrestler next week on netflix.

wrestlemania 25 was on sunday. didnt pay to see it. just saw the recaps last night. funny as hell. wrestler should win oscars bc they truly are the best in the business. and they now have a hall of fame too. stone cold steve austin got in the hall saturday night. he hated his tux and drank beer onstage and poured it all over hte tux. i was shocked to see most of the wwe wrestlers at the hall ceremonies. austin gave a beer to john cena who was shocked. i like cena. no tattoos. wrestles in sneakers and jeans. an all-american kid.

i say bring back KURT ANGLE FROM THE ECW and the goofy shaped octagon ring. hahahah. angle was great.

the NFL Draft is 2 weeks away. i still dont know why chicago gave up 2 first rd draft picks and a 3rd for jay cutler. he has a ton of potential but those picks are only worht 2 qbs in the league in a trade-peyton manning and tom brady. jay cutler has not earned that kind of deal. i guess since chicago cant draft anyways they figured why bother wasting them. lets trade them for a qb. too bad they don't have any good wrs to help cutler out.

denver is screwed! they wont use the picks correctly and draft busts! thats what you get for having a 32 yr coach ! he should be coaching High School, not the NFL! the gm is no prize either. his last good draft pick was rod smith and terrell davis 11 yrs ago. haha.

hoping the eagles use their 2 picks on a rb and te or trade up for a stud linemen like the rumors say. if not fire reid ! and trade mcnabb to chicago for more picks and cutler !!

nothing like TO going to buffalo and then getting the home MNF game. unreal.

ah what else...being terminated with a solid job like mine only shows that companies, the US and this world we live doesn't care about anyone anymore! now i know why people go postal ! people can't take being kick in the gut or ass time and time again. people are fed up. me included. 13 million people in the us out of work. unreal.

well that's all for now gents and gals. see you next time. and i promise it won't be as long of a wait.

the catfish from south philly us of a!

Posted on: March 31, 2009 12:42 pm

Part 8 is coming out next Tuesday after the NCAAs

Sorry for the delay folks. Part 8 will be bigger and better than ever. Stay tuned...

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Part 7 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

thank god football season is over ! another ugly super bowl win for the steelers. big ben now has 2 rings and people are getting ready to put him in the hall of fame. slow down there slappy. 2 rings and bad stats aren't hall worthy just yet !

i played $75 worth of sb blocks and didn't win a damn dime. somehow some beat up, raggedy old woman hit for 2 blocks in 2 different pools. she won $2000. unreal !

my eagles got robbed anyway on that no call on kevin curtis. terrible. roger goodell should be embarrassed his sport is a total joke.

so now a-rod cheated the game too. great. who's next? howard, pujols, manny, ortiz? just say the whole era was the "steroid era" like the "deadball era" and put an asterisk next to their name in the hall of fame. to not have clemens, bonds, mcgwire, a-rod and palmeiro not in the hall is silly. i mean they were great bf they took steroids. just note they were caught with it and move on. a-rod won't be the last big name caught with steroids. bank on that.

baseball is around the corner. thank god. winter is almost over and it's time for some baseball. who won the world series last year? oh that's right my phillies! wahoo!

tv shows-ugh. nip/tuck is terrible this season. it jumped the shark 2 yrs ago. damages is so ridiculous i wanna slap rose byrne and glenn close for over-acting the whole show. LOST is crazy but good. i don't like this whole time travel crap, but it's still the best show on tv.

movies-righteous kill was so overhyped i want my money back from netflix. however, that wasn't the worst movie of the year. tropic thunder was. why is robert downey jr oscar nominated? tom cruise stole the movie and made it watchable. ben stiller is a joke. the movie sucked! worst movie in 08 for me.

i see from people here that their companies are not giving out raises either. great. we all get the shaft ! multi billion dollar firms cant take care of their own. nice. i sure do love the american way.

i saw that 60 minutes special on that pilot who crashed the plane in the hudson river last night. wow i was in tears. an amazing story. unreal that no one died when a plane in eithopia tried the same thing and broke apart on the water. that guy really is a american hero.

my flyers are going nowhere this year. they will make the playoffs but that's all she wrote. too inconsistent and too many injuries.

college football recruiting ! i see ND stole that kid from hawaii from usc. thank god. i dont feel bad for usc though. they got another top 3 class. nd was #16. please fire weis. now he's not even getting top classes anymore.

warm temps this week. wahoo! i hate winter. come on spring. my office never closes due to snow so why cheer for more snow and ice.

well that's all from me today.

Posted on: January 22, 2009 9:45 am

Part 6 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Okay, so the bowls games are over and Florida wins again after being out of the picture for 3 months. I guess the cry of the fans wanting a 1-8 team playoff is falling on deaf ears. Thanks NCAA.

Can't wait for the NCAA Hoops Bracket Pool. I won $600 last yr when I had the 2 correct numbers at the end of the game. The final score didn't change for over a minute. Whew.

I have this pop-up virus on my computer. It's more manageable now than bf. still a small pain though. thankfully my computer is faster now since my friend took off 1.8 mil unused files (space).

tv shows are back -

nip/tuck is okay. not been the same since season 3. i watch it for the dialogue of christian troy. i never laugh so hard when he speaks.

damages is great. far fetched but a solid show. this season is not as good as season 1.

fringe is fringe. creepy but good.

LOST was awesome last night. well worth the wait. i hate that show when it ended at 11pm. im like noooo.

i actually knew a lot of last nights episode bf hand. some were guesses. some were blogs. some were obvious.

still miss vic mackey and the shield though. great actor and show. they all got robbed of emmy awards.

so gill grissom leaves csi. too bad. i liked him. good actor. his best role was a cecil "stud" cantrell in the hbo baseball movie "long gone." it's from 1985 and good. great team name - the tampico stogies!!

nothing good on netflix. righteous kill was dreadful. terrible. the worst acting and dialogue in years. pacino looks like he's 100 yrds old ! bad. still waiting for trophic thunder. long wait for it.

so my eagles lost in the nfc championship game. again. unreal. 1-4 in the big game. getting like the buffalo bills of the conference championships. i think the defense and jimmy johnson blew it with single coverage on fitzgerald. and they put a 5'8 guy to cover him. no offense to demps but he's a midget when it comes to covering a guy like the fitz man. what was he doing on that td pass to fitz on the pass back to warner? did he trip over the 5 yrd line. terrible. then the eagles come back and can't stop them on a 4th and 5 play. the eagles hit the rb 3 yrds deep but the guy spun out of it and got the first down.

i do think there was pass interference on the last play with curtis. i mean the guy was pull his ankle down. that's a penalty. joe schmuck said "it's a judgement call." quadry ismael from espn news said "no it's not. a penalty is a penalty no matter what quarter you're in and call it." he said the refs blew the game! that call on the short kickoff in the eagles favor was terrible too. im not cheering for either team. i hate them both. i hate how the steelers win ugly each week. ugh. i am in a $4000 block pool though. $1000 bucks each quarter. come on block 9!

ariz 21

pitt 17

fitz mvp

so i run a super nfl based fantasy pool. i thought i had some good picks this yr. well, thanks to peyton manning and michael turner losing in the first rd, my 3 pools went right in the trashola. the pot was $3300. the winner alone gets $2000. damn ! I could use that coin right now. 

so my company said no raises in 2009 till at least oct 1 (instead of april 1st) and maybe none at all. i guess i am happy to have a job and all but that is lame. and the email came out on dec 23rd at 4:30. merry f**king christmas. i think a world-wide billion dollar firm shouldn't have these woes. i think it's all a scam personally. they said if the first 2 quarters go well, then they will have raised in oct. huh? either have them or don't have them. don't tease us with maybes or could haves. terrible. the worst part is i hate my boss and my job and the people here and im stuck here bc the job market stinks.

barack obama in the white house. hopefully all this change he talks about will be for the better bc right now the USA is getting kicked around like a soccer ball and the world is the playing field.

sports-the nba stinks. my flyers are in first place in the atlantic or the old patrick division as i call it. haha. the all-star game is this weekend. i'll be one of the 5 peopel watching it. haha.

baseball is around the corner and my phils are without one of their guys on a trumped up steroid case. jc romaro asked his nutritionist about a gnc product. he said it was legal. he gets tested and fails. they offer him a sneaky deal saying if you come clean now you can only miss 25 games. he said no bc i would miss the playoffs and this supplement is legal. so major league baseball throws the book at him and bans him 50 games. nice. another bud selig fiasco! how can this guy be running baseball? i know he puts millions in the owners pockets, but he's a buffoon.

i won't watch one minute of the world baseball classic. it's not a classic when 80% of all major leaguers don't play in it. another selig mistake. having this tournament during spring training. moron.

what else...the weather is nasty. cold and windy everyday. too much snow in the great far west and midwest. frigid temps like 0-10 on the east coast. the deep south never looked so good !

the oscar noms came out today. some surprised. the dark knight got shut out for best director and pix. heath ledger did get nominated though. he will win. he will become the second person ever to win a Oscar posthumously. I am cheering for him to win and Mickey Rourke to win for Best Actor. What a comeback for him. I do think Sean Penn has a outside chance for his true portrayal of Harvey Milk though. After seeing Kate Winslet go on and on like a fool for her 2 Golden Globe wins, i hope she doesn;'t win. i like her but after winning one Golden Globe earlier, she should've been more subdued the second time around 2 hrs later. She was worse.

i hope slumdog millionaire doesnt win a thing. the movie was almost straight to dvd and now it's a oscar front runner. no thanks. i read bruce springsteen got robbed for best song too. he won a golden globe for it so im stunned at that.

till next time...

the catfish from south philly, usa.


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Part 5 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Happy New Yr everyone ! 2009 is here and i got tons to say...

first all - too much turkey, partying and booze this holiday. i feel like my blood is Miller Lite. I need detox asap. that and a nap ! i actually need to lose some weight this spring, so no booze for me for a while. burp. im fat ! not obese fat but fat enough to lose some weight and get back to my svelty self.

bowl games - they all stunk ! blowout here and blowout there. another one tonight as texas walks over thee ohio st university.

not sure why florida is a 3 pt favorite over oklahoma when OU scored 60 pts against 5 straight teams! my money is on OU.

ND finally won a bowl game. sure it was the toilet bowl, i mean, the hawaii bowl, but it's better than nothing. now if only they can score like that against real teams, then i would be happy. actually i want weis out of there. urban meyer said 2 weeks ago that ND is still he dream job. if he wins ANOTHER NATIONAL TITLE this week, i think meyer will be bored at UF and come down to South Bend to turn the Irish around.

baseball free agency ... the phils let burrell go and brought in a guy 3 yrs older and is the same age as me ! yes i am a old fart. thankfully he hit .293 23 110 last yr in that grand canyon of a park. the phils also resigned 48 yr old jamie moyer for $14 mil. i mean really, how much more money does this guy need? i know his wife had their 5th kid this yr but come on jamie. $14 mil. it's like charlie sheed said in walls street "how many yachts can you water ski behind, Gordon? How much is enough?"  jamie - how much is enough?

apparently the new york yankees never know when enough is bc they went out and dumped all their former big league winter signings for a whole new batch of future stiffs and big league signings. here's my prediction - aj burnett is hurt and out for the yr by the all-star break. cc wins 17 games but hates NY. he will be out of there in 3 yrs and 50 pounds heavier. face it hank or cashmen - $ doesn't buy championships - chemistry does. look at my phils as proof.

the rays will repeat as al east champs ! david price is a starter now. look out for this kid ! im glad the phils beat him as a temporary closer.

ah, the nfl playoffs. my boy peyton wins another MVP and then goes out and takes a dump in the first rd. nice. same old colts. how does a 8-8 team beat you with LT on the bench? darren sproles? ugh. the colts should've had a player hide a syringe of knock out gas in their uniform and when they tackled sproles inject him with it like they did in the MASH movie when they played football at the end to get the ringer out of the game. "i'm the broadjump, coach."

didn't see the cards upsetting the falcons. so much for matt ryan and michael turner. damn ! my fantasy pools are all in the toilet now. $60 bucks down the drain.

how bad is miami ? the 11-5 Pats don't get into the playoffs and the dolphins lay a egg at home no less vs the ravens (nevermore). i guess chad pennington is really chad pennington. he still got the shaft by the J E T S JETS JETS JETS. haha. how's brett favre treating you?

i loved seeing favre struggle this yr. he brought it on himself. couldve went out with class like elway. instead he went out like namath and unitas on bad teams that were not their hall of fame teams. hey brett - that chip on your should is now cracked and tarnished forever pal. enjoy  your last game with 3 ints. NOW RETIRE !

could baltimore ride their defense to another super bowl ? i hope not. seeing trent dilfer with a ring is one thing. seeing joe flacco get one is another.

how about them cowboys ? haha! they brought their disaster on themselves too. what a bunch of babies and ego maniacs. i was there in philly seeing the eagles kick their tails in 44-7 or whatever the blowout was. TO - nice knowing ya. romo - at least you're banging jessica simpson. if you were smart, you would video tape her naked and sell it to the web for gazillions since you suck as a qb !

E A G L E S - EAGLES ! wahoo. now go beat those giants and eli  "elmer fudd" manning.

ah what else ... the nba. ah screw the nba. everyone travels and no one plays defense. jordan at 40+ could still play !!

the movie award shows are coming out soon. since im a movie buff, i am going with the comeback story of the yr - mickey rourke to beat out crusty old clint "get off my lawn" eastwood and sean "awesome, totally awesome" penn for an OSCAR ! yes an OSCAR ! heath ledger will win an OSCAR too posthumously (sp). from what i heard the wrestler is amazing !! i will see it soon when it's released nationally.

no good movies on netflix in months. still waiting for hancock and tropic thunder !!

**** thank god the new tv shows are coming on this week. damages and nip/tuck on fox. LOST in 3 weeks ! i can't wait.

i was so sad to see the great vic mackey turn rat and then get screwed too. it's still better than the sopranos ending. i wish ronnie would've yelled out to vic as he was being arrested "i will get you for this." i think corinne made a bad move. how can she survive without vic in her life ?? not as great as i would've hoped. still an awesome show. i miss it already.

the guy who played johnny cakes on the sopranos committed suicide last week in real life. i guess things went downhill for the guy after the sopranos ended and his role was a gay cook. bummer.

survivor - gabon ! wow. is corinne the biggest c**t-bag wh##e on the planet or what ?? she told sugar to grow up and take meds to stop crying over your dead father. im 37 and already lost both parents by the time i was 21. if i was there on that show i wouldve sucker punched her the moment she said it and then say over her body as she lays on the ground "when you lose a parent, come see me you f___ing hag !" people have no idea what loss is until they bury their parents. my best friend died when i was 19 so i lost 3 people in a 6 yr span. she said her brother loves her and accepts her for being a bi**h. really ? your brother loves you for being an a-hole 24-7. understanding brother.

how does randy get duped by a fake idol (no problem there) then yells at bob for calling him a snake but STILL GIVES HIM HIS MILLION DOLLAR VOTE ??? WHY! out of sheer spite i wouldnt do it. bob played him as a fool on national tv and he gives him the winning deciding vote. why? if you played me for a fool - you wouldnt get a handshake from me ! randy even said i hate the 3 final members and to kiss his butt. ok - why did you give a winning vote to the 1 guy who played you as a fool, your nemesis bob. that's like luke skywalker not voting out darth vadar on survivor star wars bc he cut off his hand. unreal.

sugar is so dumb, but looked smoking hot on the finale. she said she couldn't beat matty or bob at the final so she still takes bob. i think she had a 40-60 chance vs matty even though the jury said it wouldve been 9-1 in the votes for matty. again, bob plays everyone and still gets a million dollars. i need to get on that show to PUT SOME FREAKING REASON INTO THESE PEOPLE !!!! unreal.

my company announce no raises till oct 1 instead of april 1 and maybe none at all if the company doesnt do well in the first 2 qtrs of 09. a world wide multi billion dollar firm hurting for coin. i dont buy it. we have 3rd rate IT and computers and now they cry money woes bc everyone else is. please. they were going to take away their 401 k match too but didn't. whoopee. at least i am still employed. i could be at home getting fatter. and lord knows i don't need that.

obama in the white house. im not a politics guy. the guy won so he's our prez now. hopefully the guy can turn our nation around asap. the old usa is not the usa of old. it's falling bh other nations in many areas. it's time to get back on top of the mountain !

been raining a ton in philly. that makes for long cold walks to the subway. burr. looking forward to any signs of spring. still no snow - yippee.

i got 13th row seats for the phillies when they get their rings ! can't wait for that.

got club box seats as a xmas gift to see the flyers this saturday. im taking my very rich Doctor brother for his 41st b-day. I hope he springs for beers. I just got my cat neutered and paid the rent on my apt so i am LOW ON FUNDS!

i was hoping more people read my blog. i guess the only person who thinks im funny is ME ! oh well. damn the man and save the empire !

be back next week...

Posted on: December 1, 2008 4:04 pm

Part 4 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Thanksgiving is over. Thankfully I didn't gorge on too much Turkey or Stuffing. I only had 1 plate this year and a small desert. I pigged out last year.

So Andy Reid benches McNabb down by 3 in one week and then lets him stay on the field up by 20 in another. Brilliant. I would've loved to see what Reid would say if McNabb would've gotten hurt when he was still in there during mop-up time? I hope they lose out and get a decent draft pick. It isn't a great draft, but the Eagles don't need to keep winning games here. If by some miracle they got into the playoffs, they would be out in the first round. I don't want that either.

Speaking of playoffs...have you seen who is leading some of their divisions?

The Titans and G-Men are in the playoffs. The Vikings, Bucs, Cardinals, Jets, Steelers and Broncos are all leading their divisions. Ugh. I haven't seen anything that ugly since the girl I was with on my 20th birthday at a keg party at college. Ugh.

Speaking of ugly - how about my Notre Dame boys, huh ? 60 yrds of total offense. Yeah, Charlie Weis is a genius alright. He's a genius of how to take ND's alumni money ! They should pay this clown in buffet tickets to Sizzler, not in cash. He has to go ! And I hope Dayne Crist can play next yr as a redshirt freshman. Clausen with or without an o-line is terrible. He looks scared back there and makes poor decision after poor decision. the Irish should be 9-3. instead, they are 6-6 and going to either the texas bowl or hawaii bowl. either way it's the toilet bowl to me !

went to the pocono mtns this weekend to see my brother's new mtn house that was just completed. now he's a doctor and partner at the hospital he works at. i know he made good money, but after seeing this house and his new renovated basement in his huge home in pennsylvania, he's got sick money. he put in a huge bar and a full size shuffle board table in his basement ! unreal ! his mtn house has a 50 foot high ceiling in the main room with 2 large triangular shaped windows overlooking a small lake. awesome. it rained, sleeted and poured yesterday. the ride back with him stunk. it was awful.

work today stinks. my boss is out all week on vacation which is nice, but it's slow today. so slow, i needed a nap at 9:30 am and didn't get one !

except for 2 gifts, i am already done my xmas shopping already. i don't like crowded malls anymore. so i do everything online. quick, easy, painless and no crowds or pushing at the mail. it's nice. i highly recommend it.

my fav show the shield ended last week. the finale was ok. not great and certainly not as bad as the sopranos mess. i do wish they would make a tv movie or have another season of the shield. i miss it already. thank god LOST, nip/tuck, and damages will be all new this january.

survivor - i am rooting for sugar, matty and creepy kenny. i loved when randy played a fake idol and they all laughed at him. haha - jerk. now it's 4-2 in alliances. the 4 better vote out one of the 2. it never happens and 2 people in the majority someone get convinced by the other 2 to vote out one of their own. it always happens. if i was one of the 4, i would tell the 2 people from the tribe, "one of you two is going home tonight-period!" don't try to butter us up and play mind games. if one wins immunity - the other is gone. if neither win immunity - we 4 will decide who goes. again, they will get all blinded and vote out one of their own.  i still want an alligator to eat jeff probst ! haha.

army-navy tailgate on saturday since i live 4 blocks away. it will be 39 degrees so it will be a chilly tailgate but well worth it. i have nothig better to do !

i read some company in illinois gave out bonuses for xmas already. it was a check based on the amount of service time you had with the company. one guy took home a check for $33,000. are you kidding me. if i got that check, i could pay off my creditcards, student loan and put down a ton of money on a house ! a married couple took home checks for 21,000 and 30,000 respectively. wow. i wish i worked there. i think they sold the company and they used some of the money made in the sale to pay off the bonuses. i don't get anything from my boss let alone the company. some admins here (im not an admin) get between $250-800) from the people they work for. i wish i got $10 bucks. i get zilch, nada, goose egg, bubkus. and these people are getting checks for $30 g's. ugh.

that's about all i got. more post this week !

asta !

Posted on: November 20, 2008 1:25 pm

Part III of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Well, well, I thought I would have more followers by now. I guess everyone is weary in joining my blog in fear I may pull a Jonestown drinking party on them. That's not right. Sorry to all the people who lost love ones 30 yrs ago. I meant David Kuresch in Waco, Tx. Do you know what Waco stands for ? What A Cook Out. haha. Old joke.

Speaking of jokes, I heard a funny Chris Rock joke about when white people can use the N - word. He said white people can only use the N-word when a black person comes up from behind you at Toys R Us at Christmas time. Takes your gift that is the last one in the store, p**s all over you. Kicks and stomps all over you and then starts running for the exits. You can get up and say "hey, stop that n-----!"  The show was filmed in 3 locations and in all 3 - that was the best joke of the night. I still laugh at it bc of how he said it and how he acted when he kicked the person to the ground etc and took his gift.

I am a big fan of only a few comedians. I love Chris Rock. His HBO specials in 1996 & 1997 were funny. A true story is if "Bringing Down the Pain" special wasn't a commericial hit, he would've quit the business and did something else. Thank God it was a hit with his "toss the salad in prison" bit.

Speaking of comedians and salad, another guy I like is Ron "Tater Salad" White. He looks terrible now that fame and the 20 yrs of boozing set in on his liver and skin color. My Mom died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1993 after yrs of drinking after my Dad dropped dead of a heart attack in 1987. She was heartbroken, lonely and never got over it. Ron White is heading down that path. He looks bad. His first DVD "They call me Tater Salad" has some of the best jokes/stories in a 90 minute DVD than I have ever seen. The bit of his wheel fell the f*** off bc the guy at the auto store missed lug nut day at tire college was the funniest thing I heard in yrs. He just got arrested for having drugs in his place. He was booked and did a gig that night. haha. I missed a chance to see him in Philly bc the tix were $50 a head. He had 2 shows of 75 minutes. Like my brother in law said "that's a lot of money for only a small bit of Tater Salad."

My all-time favorite was Rodney Dangerfield. Man, I miss that guy. Encore keeps playing "Back to School." Classic.

"Listen Sherlock while you were up here tuck away with your ethics, I was out in the real world busting my hump. And it's because of guys like me donating buildings is the reason guys like you have a place to teach !"

"Poetry huh, maybe you can straighten out my Longfellow."

"Now that's what I call Marine Biology."

"You wanna talk about class, ok, fine. Here's a picture of you and Giorgio in the rumpus room-real classy. Here's a picture of you and Giorgio in the guest bedroom - classy huh. Oh, this one I can't understand, here's you, there Giorgio, what's with the midget over here. Oh wait I have more."

lmfao !

Speaking of movies - the new releases on Netflix have stunk ! Indiana Jones 4 was great till the last 30 min. Ugh. George Lucas should never make a movie again. He should get a new hair cut and hair style, bc the curling hair in the front of his head looks stupid and just retire on the billions of dollars he's worth. His Skywalker Sound or THX made him enough money he could use $100 bills as toilet paper, napkins and tissues in his house and never run out of money. Let alone what the Star Wars and Indy movies made him. His 2 kids are adopted. Wow, did they hit the motherload with him as a Father. Ka-ching !

The best movies in the last few yrs have been in my humble opinion - American Gangster, Zodiac, Mr. Brooks, The Bank Job, Cinderella Man and a few others that escape me. They simply aren't making quality stuff anymore. You have those frauds from SNL or Saturday Night Live making junk movies after junk movie like Blades of Glory or the Year of the Zohan. Are they serious? Why is Tina Fey so popular and famous now that she has her own silly show? Ugh. I've seen dogs do better acting catching a Frisbee than her. I dispise Amy Poehller and the rest are just hacks. Will Ferrell is funny at times, but all he does now is make movies to fill his swimming pool with greenbacks instead of water to swim in. Adam Sandler was great but now fills his 5 pools with the money he makes from his dumb movies.

Where is the comedy of Chevy Chase, Dan Akyroid and Bill Murray (Caddyshack, the Blues Brothers & Stripes) when you need it ?? Out the freaking door that's where. The best SNL in the last 10 yrs was the one with Peyton Manning on it. His United Way skit, his anchorman skit with picking office pools and his dancing with the hoops coach were the funniest things on TV I've seen and laughed at in a long time.

Too bad Chris Farley passed away. They could use his comedy. I once saw him in Chicago Second City club in 1989 when he wasn't famous. He wasn't even a headliner. It was one of Bill Murray's 9 brothers who was in "One Crazy Summer" with John Cusack and Demi Moore. Farley had us all busting up laughing with his crashing into tables and half attempts at backflips. Now there was a genius at work. Too bad his friends didn't have his back and take care of him. I read the Playboy story on him and basically everyone just gave up on trying to "save" him. He was dead months later. The writing was on the wall. No one bothered to look at it anymore. Sad.

I had to dry my eyes for a second there...

Football - I like Oklahoma to upset #2 Texas Tech. Please do not bet what's left of your 401 K savings on my predictions. What do I know? Actually, I would bet the ranch on USC-ND in 2 weeks. It's in California and USC loves some Irish Turkey for Thanksgiving. This tip is coming from a 21 yr fan of Notre Dame!!

The NFL - can't wait to see how Mcnabb blows this game for the Eagles! Sorry Eagle fans, he brings it on himself.

When the hell is Baseball Free Agency ? I want to see my 2008 World Series Champions make some moves so I can party on Broad Street next October !!

And to the guy who posted in Part II who said I was rough on commuters...SLOW WALKERS are a plague in a tight, narrow, corridor. If you want to stroll gingerly, then go in the car with your grandparents on Sundays when they take a 5 hr drive that could take a younger person 30 minutes and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!

Tonight on TV - Survivor - 8 people left. I sure hope a lion eats Jeff Probst. He is kind of a tool. A good host for the show, but a bad actor.

Also Disc 2 of Season 5 of the Shield. THis Tuesday night is the series finale. I don't like the upcoming clips they showed. My boy Vic Mackey could be headed to the big house. At least it's better than that dumb Soprano's ending. David Chase should pay everyone's HBO fees for a yr to showing that garbage.

Damages, Nip/Tuck (not as great as it used to be) and LOST will be back in January. I can't wait.

Hey, our work is having a office party from 2-4 to celebrate all the new hires we hired since July. Free beer and grub on the firm. Ever since this new woman took over the party organizing, the lack of beer is apparent at every inner work function. When I started 6 yrs ago, there was so much beer left over, I stayed till 10 one night with 5 big wigs drinking and b.s. ing till it was gone. And I stayed till 11 one night playing beer pong in our main conference room bc there was so much beer left, 5 of us drank all we could and took the rest (2 more cases) home in backpacks and briefcases. Those days are over unfortunatey bc of this woman who everyone hates bc her personality is as fake as Pam Anderson's body. I go till the last beer is drank and go home. Lately this wont be too long past 4. They will order 3 cases of beer for a 150 person staff and 4 bottles of wine. Cheapskates.

Okay, till next time - the Catfish

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Part II

Well, it's freezing cold and the winds are whipping around Philly today. This weather is the normal weather for January and February, not November. I had to break out the scarf and gloves 2 months earlier. That's not a good sign when you walk 7 blocks up and back to the subway everyday.

For those who never rode a subway before, let me brief you on it. It's crowded, smelly, dirty and too many people on there are trying to have a conversation about nothing. That's why I bought an IPod 3 yrs ago. I couldn't take the endless chatter about Blanche's and Maggie's kids anymore. The same kids who are 25, living at home and not paying rent. Look ladies, talk about your kids privately. Half the subway doesn't want to hear about them. Here's a hint - they're losers ! Move the hell out !

Although Philly has done a great job cleaning and rebuilding all of the subway stops. The one that they didn't fix is the one I get off and on too everyday - City Hall. Wow, what a pit of scum and dirtyness. That and the homeless hang out there too. They sleep on the vents because of the steam. The cops chase them off at 7am ! Nice job Philly PD.

My one biggest complaint about the subway besides the filth are SLOW WALKERS! You know people who are walking like a snail in front of you like they and you have nowhere to do. It's like people GET OUT OF MY WAY ! We're in a tight corridor. Move to the right. It should be like the highway or PA Turnpike...slow drivers stay to the far right. Medium drivers stay in the middle and Speegy Gonzalez and for those wishing to pass, stay to the left. The rule in Pa is only pass on the far left lane. When I used to trek to my sisters in Lancaster, Pa, I used to ride the left lane almost the whole way up there. If someone wanted to pass me doing 80, I got over, let them pass and then got right back in the lane behind them. The City Hall corridors should be the same way. If you walk slow or want to play Tetris on your cell phone-fine. Get the hell out of the way and move over to the right ! Ugh.

I recently saw the remake of the movie Hairspray on HBO. Let me tell you something..both Brittany Snow and Amanda Bynes are hot ! Snow has that All-American look with her white skin and blonde hair. Bynes has that fake tan, that wants to tie you up and do dirty things to you look. Both are hot ! Too bad Nikki Blonsky is a big girl. She played the role of the fat girl who wanted to get on the tv show perfectly. Unfortunately, TV and movies don't have roles for a 19 yr girl who is very overweight. That and her and her Dad got into trouble on some island a few months ago. Real nice. Celebs and trouble are like Rum and Coke !

Playboy has sucked this whole year. The big Christmas Issue was a bigger let down then my own Christmas' from 1983-1988 ! Terrible ! And they are bringing back Carmen Electra again for a spread next month. Not a fan of Electra aka Tera Patrick (her real name). Ugh. She, Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy should be banned from every appearing in Playboy again. Pam Anderson is in it at least once a year. Electra appears once every 2 yrs and McCarthy comes back once every 4 or 5 yrs. It's like they couldn't find a hack B or C actress to appear and get topless or naked. Unreal. And when will Hef pay someone like Brittany Snow or Amanda Bynes some coin to appear? The magazine could use a young hot face in it.. This month was 48 yr old ex-model Carol Alt. She looked good, but at 48, it's like "is that the best they could find?" Where's Jennifer Aniston, or Jennifer Connally when you need them to appear ?

Other than that, bubkus on the porn world. I have no good sights or internet info on anything. Everything is spammed or block or filled with so many virus' it makes Carmen Electra look like Mother Theresa. Sorry, but she's more infested than that monkey from the movie "Outbreak." Once Prince had her, she was done ! haha.

#2 Texas Tech vs #5 Oklahoma this weekend in College Football. My money is on Oklahoma. Tech has never been this highly ranked ever and I think the balloon and their Cinderella season will end on Saturday night. Sorry Tech fans, but when you are good once every 50 yrs, you get little respect from me. If you win Saturday, I will apologize to the Red Raider Nation and cheer for you.

Unfortunately, I am a suckhone ND fan. My Christmas wish is for ND to buy out Charlie Weis. The guy had enough time to turn it around and he hasn't. Bad losses to Pitt, UNC and BC convinced me they made a mistake in extending his contract for 10 yrs ! Look at Nick Saban...2 yrs and a #1 ranking with a Bama team that was terrible. Great coaches get the most out of his players. Weis doesn't. His own players ever said they were tired of his yelling at them 2 weeks ago. See ya Chuckles. Don't let the door hit you in the Tuna.

Face it, the guy is a offensive coordinator, not a college coach. When you are a veteran college coach like Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer, Jim Tressell or Bob Stoops, you know how to coach the college game. You know your opponents tendencies. Weis doesn't have that knowledge! He can recruit is fish tail off, but can't coach a lick. Sorry my ND brethren. I've been a fan since 1987. I've seen a ton of losses that the team and program simply shouldn't have ! Time for a change !

Ah, what else...I feel like going outside and getting a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from my favorite vendor. The thing is ... it's freaking cold outside. So either I eat or wait for lunch to eat. Hmm...tough call. Since being a little fat works for Jerry Ferrera and nabbing Jamie-Lynn Sigler, I think I will go outside and get that sandwich. Maybe some hot ee will be waiting for me in my office when I come back. I highly doubt it. There will probably be 5 case files waiting for me and 3 contracts to proof read and scan. Ugh my life.

Until later on today or tomororow - this is the Catfish !

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